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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Creating a jetty based OSGi HttpService for apache felix

OSGi has a service spec called http.service (see Service Compendium document of the OSGi Alliance). Felix has an implementation for it that is based around jetty 4.x. Since we are at jetty 6.1.7 at the moment I thought about trying to create an implementation of my own. Not that it is really necessary, you can [...]

Business Communication Infrastructure and Utility Services

In my post “Why ECM should play an important role in the Business Process and SOA discussion” of February 11th, 2008 I made a statement “that we need to close the loop between inbound – outbound – inbound communication” and find a way to “prevent each developer, application and PC user to become its own [...]

Mac OSX using vmware fusion : network is down

This is a very small blog item. Still I want to share it with you all using the mac and vmware fusion. This morning I had a problem with my virtual machine. I could not ping a linux ubuntu image running mysql for some reason. I still did have internet connection from the vm, but [...]

Embedding Jetty in OSGi (osgi felix sample step 3)

This is my third post in the osgi basics series. The topic of today is embedding a servlet container within an osgi container. Of course I am continuing to use felix and now I start using jetty from mortbay. Starting from version 6.1.x, jetty is packaged as a bundle in itself. It is very easy [...]

Why are web services so different from an HTML user interface?

We all know how a typical web application is usually built up. The image at the side rougly displays the different layers that are to be found in an application. Typically, the user interface layer receives HTTP requests, calls one or more methods in the Business logic layer, and responds with an HTTP message containing [...]

Doing youtube movies with internet explorer

I already wrote before i have a Mac. I do not use the internet explorer on the mac and if I am using a windows machine I mostly use opera or firefox. Why am I telling you this, well that means I do not very regularly test on internet explorer. The previous post from Freddie [...]

Should we send out a SOS for SOA?

This Post is all about laughing and not to worry to much about SOA, BPM, ROI, CEP. I came across “Greg the Architect” and his small movies underpin a lot of what i have written about lately.

If you do not see the youtube movies in this page, you have to install the flash player. [...]

Using maven to create an osgi bundle (osgi felix sample step 2)

This is the second step in a series of items about exploring the felix osgi container and some sidesteps to make life easier while developing osgi bundles. You can find the first step here: http://www.gridshore.nl/2008/02/10/starting-with-osgi-using-apache-felix-step-1/

This is so easy, I do not want to spend to much time here. There is a special maven 2 [...]