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Why ECM should play an important role in the Business Process and SOA discussion

Business processes and business communication are not just related issues, they are a single entity. Business communication takes place within the company as well as with the outside world and is always linked to a process. A request, a document, a report, an e-mail, a note, an EDI message, a webform or html webpage or [...]

Starting with OSGi using apache felix (step 1)

I think it was somewhere September 2006 when I first read about OSGi. Immediately I saw opportunities to finally come to my long envisioned Service Component Architecture. On top of that I could fix all these classloader issues as well. So good news. Together with Allard we started evaluating the possibilities of OSGi. We tried [...]

Should Custom Developed Software be put on the Balance and should we not take reservations for it to replace?

Recently I came across different discussions regarding keep on maintaining applications, life-cycle extension of applications, replacement of applications, service-enablement of applications, re-factoring and replatforming of applications, etc.

The trigger for these kind of discussions is most of the time a request from the business for new features, quick fixes and an increasing complexity of the [...]

What does Route Planning has to do with Business Process Management?

What does Route Planning has to do with Business Process Management?

Not so long ago we used paper maps to plan our route and recently we got used to online route planners like Map24 and maps.google.com to plan our route in advance. But who does not remember the quarrel between their parents if Mom could [...]

SOA, BPM, EDA een andere kijk (Dutch)

Service Oriented Architecture Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is de magnetron van deze tijd. Toen enkele decennia geleden deze nieuwe keukenmachine werd geïntroduceerd, was de belofte groter dan dat uiteindelijk de praktijk uitwees. De marketing heeft zelfs tot excessen geleidt zoals het hondje drogen in de magnetron. SOA staat hetzelfde te wachten. De Agility van het [...]

The night before and the week after (a real story about an interview)

More and more I get respect for the marketing guys and architects of product companies that pay the Analyst firms to get interviewed by the analysts. Why, start reading.

Last week I experienced the stress of the night before and today I felt the disappointment of the week after.

What happened? I was asked [...]

JetBrains Teamcity – your continuous build to the next level

As a lot of you, I am working on larger projects with more than 10 developers, most of the time there are some offshore resources as well. Of course we are using continuous integration, we program our unit tests and run them on every build. Still it happens that people do a mvn clean install [...]

Using annottions in springframework

For the sample I am creating (see http://code.google.com/p/gridshore – Training Overview), I am using a combination of jquery and spring-mvc. I like the @controller stuff and the other annotations, therefore I want to explain some of the features I have learned to use so far. In a previous post I already introduced the jquery [...]