logo_keycue.pngSome months ago I wrote an article with my favorite mac osx tools. I am using my mac more and more, with my current employer I can use it for almost everything I want. I do not have ms office, so sometimes I need to use my other laptop. I also use my other laptop to run databases etc. Just because 2 Gb ram is not always enough.

Telling you about what I do with my other laptop is not the reason to write this post. I want to share a very cool application that can help you to become a lot more effective during all your tasks. It is an application to help you find and then remember all you shortcuts. It integrates with all the applications I use to show possible shortcuts. It is not a free program, but the value you get for only 20 euro’s (excluding vat) is very good. Try it yourself, you’ll be supprised.

Here is the website where you can download a trial

To give you an idea about what it looks like, check the following screendump

Snapshot 2008-05-12 10-40-56.jpg

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