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Bring some stability to your architecture

Applications have to run in high-consequence environments. They have to serve hundreds of thousands of users 24 / 7. Our clients spend millions in hard- and software and highly depend on the revenue generated by these applications. Unnecessary outage of these application is fatal.

Software Architects play an important role in setting up an architecture [...]

Rethinking session management

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve been playing around a little with the Click framework in the hopes of having stumbled on a front end framework that is suitable for people like me (who really don’t like the front end). But while I think that Click is quite clever in a number of [...]

One liter of Guice during Spring break

As you all know, I am a regular springframework user. Especially now that I am working for JTeam, all my projects deal with the springframework. At JTeam we are innovators, so we do check out some other frameworks as well. Therefore I am looking at an alternative for Dependency Injection. Since google is doing a [...]

Redesigning libraries completely

I just got done reading Jettro’s post on refactoring your library. And still being in the vacation mood, it reminded me of an idea that surfaces in my so-called brain every now and then: the public library for the twenty-first century.

Much like Jettro I have the habit of accumulating odds and ends of documentation [...]

Time for a new editor (and other vacation musings)….

Sometimes you just get to a point that it’s time for something new. In this case, I’ve found that it’s time for a new blog editor.

For most of my posts so far on GridShore, I’ve been using Zoundry Raven. In case you don’t know it, it’s a WYSIWYG editor used to create blog entries. [...]

Refactoring your library

I have read a lot of books on a lot of different topics to become what I now am. A lot of them I own in a physical way, others in an electronic way. The amount of books tends to grow with the number of years in ICT. What is it about books that I [...]

Using google appengine

When attending the JAOO in Denmark, I was amazed by the easy setup of google application engine. There is a good step by step guide to creating a hello world application. It would be silly to recreate that guide here. Therefore this post takes a different approach. I’ll explain what kind of steps you need [...]

PG-3 for theoretical content and lack of depth

Last week, I have had the pleasure to travel to Denmark with a few colleagues and visit the JAOO conference in Arhus. As with all conference visits, drinks, late nights and early mornings for the first presentation make it a interesting but tiring experience.

Although you spend some time to thoroughly read through the [...]