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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Gridshore 2008 reflection

The year 2008 has almost passed. It is the last day of the year and I want to do some reflection on this year at gridshore. Did you ever think about reflection? Do you use it in you day to day life? Do you use a component for it? Well this is not the reflection [...]

Defects, Lean Software Development, Offshore, oh my …

This blog item I have dedicated to zoom in on Bugs, a specific type of Waste (muda which is Toyta lexicon) aka DEFECTS as they have a huge effect on Productivity.

But lets start with the Analysts and their magic 8-bal that has shown them that Lean Software Development will become the hit of 2009.


Using JVM instrumentation to create a Spring Context Loader Agent for standalone apps

Within the JEE platform a rather common and well-understood system of configuration is based on the Chain of Responsibility and the Event Delivery patterns: the life cycle of enterprise components starts with achieving a general configuration goal. However, on top of this goal, the system defines a number of pre-goals that the system must achieve [...]

Using the Memento pattern to solve thread safety issues


Author’s note: this is an article that I co-authoredwith a colleague, Robert van der Steen. It has also been published in our company newsletter.

Many of the applications we write for our clients nowadays use the service paradigm: a dedicated and often reusable component within the application that is responsible for [...]

A small apology

Over the course of a number of different posts on Gridshore, I have mentioned a number of different ideas (mine as well as others’) that I was planning to introduce into my project and of which I promised to report the results. However, I fear that it has become impossible for me to do so, [...]

Upgrade subversion client on mac osx

The mac is a pretty complete system for developing applications. Once I was surprised that tools like subversion and maven come pre-installed. There is a big advantage for the non-technical users that these tools are pre installed. Although I doubt that these people will use it a lot. Would you teach a person to use [...]

Things I do with flex as a java programmer

So far I have written a few posts mainly about the implementation of security and flex. In this post I want to focus on a the usage of flex in a more general sense. For the experienced flex programmer, this might not be a very interesting post, still you might find something interesting. For all [...]

Inspirational moments

I needed of course a reason to write besides the 99 also the 101 Post.

So two inspirational moments to do so:

100 Posts on the Gridshore blog.That needs celebration. Every inspirational moment — well, 40 of them — you will ever need. The movie Human Assembly made by Bernhard Pucher of Iron Box Films, [...]