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widgets for the mac

dashboard.pngSunday morning, it is raining, and I am playing with the new mac. I was browsing through the default bookmarks and stumbled upon the widgets download page. Usually I do not use these nifty little apps a lot. Which is about to change. I have found some nice widgets that will make my life on the mac easier.

This post is about those widgets, hope you find them useful as well. I’ll discuss a widget for storing passwords,

CryptBoard – This little widget let’s you store encrypted passwords. You can close the vault from your dashboard, if you are using it, you can also leave it open. The data in the vault is stored encrypted on your machine.

iStat pro – This widget gives you an idea about the usage of your resources. A very configurable widget with data about your hard disks, temperatures, cpu, memory, network, processes and some others. The look and feel is highly configurable.

Vi cheat sheet – want to become comfortable with the best editor around :-). This nifty widget will help you find the right keys in those dark days.

After this widget I did not find anything useful. Hmm, makes you think about the usage of the dashboard. There is a lot of very bad widgets to be found, and not to many useful ones. But those that are useful, are the ones I’ll use regularly. I did not mention the out of the box widgets like : systran language translator and accuweather.

So it is by far an extensive list, please use the comment if there are widgets you use often.

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