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Using spring integration for rss reading

For a customer I was thinking about a solution to loosely couple some systems to be integrated with a content management system, hippo cms in this case. I remembered I had a demo for a few times by Iwein Fuld and by Roel Derksen. A few weeks a go, Allard showed a nice demo with [...]

Two new apps for the mac

This is a short post about two applications that I am using on the mac. I know one of them is not the most obvious choice, still I like it a lot better than another one that is used a lot. I am talking about a twitter client.

This is Syrinx, just a twitter client. [...]

Hippo cms workflow with events

Hippo is an opensource content management system. Hippo has created a cms on top of the Jackrabbit repository. Hippo is not the only cms that does this trick, but it is a big one. With version 7 out there, you can now use some nice features that they have created. This post discusses one of [...]

Upgrading to Spring BlazeDS Integration M2

I have written some posts about using flex and the project Spring BlazeDS Integration. If you haven’t read that post I suggest you start there first : Flex remoting without configuring the client. That said, what is this post about? As the title already says, we are going to upgrade the example from the previous [...]

Time to learn, time to go to ApacheCon europe 2009

Hi All, this a some what unusual post. It is not about technology. Well, that’s not completely true, let’s rephrase. This post does not contain code. This post is a shameless plug for the ApacheCon 2009 in Amsterdam. Why> Because it is a very nice event at a nice location. I was there last year [...]