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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


XML is net zo overschat als de Magnetron

Based on a discussion on Linkedin i have created a Dutch post on Computable on the premises of XML and if they came true. Feel free to leave a comment there.

Integrate flex security in Mate using the spring BlazeDS integration project

More than a year a go I started writing about flex. My first post was about the integration of BlazeDS with the springframework at the back-end using intellij. I moved on with a Datagrid component that had filtering included in my second post. Than I did two posts about integrating spring security. The first article [...]

Just a moment of your time….

Like Jettro in his perspective on content management, I would like to draw your attention to another blog which was published on the Daily WTF and mentioned on The ServerSide. It’s hilarious and a good lesson as well: Java is Slow!


A perspective on content management

This is a very short post. Actually it is just a reference to a blog post I have written on another blog. Yes, again another blog. This time it is a blog at my employers website.

The blog post is about my perspective on content management. A white paper that can help you to start [...]

Upgrading the flex based books-overview sample

As a lot of you out there know, I write a lot about flex and java. For my flex posts I use a sample called books-overview. You can find the sourcecode on google code. A lot of different frameworks released new versions. In this post I describe the some of the upgrades that are important [...]

Looking for a wicket training in the Netherlands?

If you do not want commercial messages, or you do not want to learn about Wicket, it is safe to skip this post.

Wicket! June 8th and 9th

Web 2.0 applications are everywhere, and Apache Wicket technology is increasingly a part of them. Wicket is an exciting web development framework allowing an easy one on [...]