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Domain Driven Design and the equals method

Implementing an equals method in Java can be quite complicated. Fortunately there are numerous document around the web with useful tips, hints and frameworks to assist you in this process. However, an implementation of the equals method that is technically correct doesn’t have to make any sense functionally. In Domain Driven Design, your domain model [...]

User group for DDD enthusiasts in the Netherlands started

Today we release the website of a new User group for all Domain Driven Design enthusiasts. This user group is meant to facilitate all experienced DDD people to unity and share ideas/experiences. We also would like to help starters getting up to speed learning more about DDD

What are we planning to do? We are [...]

Gridshore leaving New York

There is a time to come and a time to leave. After a week, our visit is almost over. Today we are flying back home. With this post I would like to give you an impression how this week was. Just like the previous post, if your are only interested in technical stuff, you can [...]

Gridshore @ New York

Half of the gridshore writers is in New York. We are thinking about new things to create, drinking beer, eating burgers, walking through the streets and enjoying ourselves. If that does not interest you, you can safely skip this blog session. If you want to be jealous, learn about what we do, or like the [...]

Designing the Repository interface

In one of my most recent projects, I decided to design and build the application according to the principles of Domain Driven Design. One of the guidelines promoted by Domain Driven Design is the way the interface of the Repository is designed. This changed the way I look at both the design and the location [...]