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CQRS – Designing domain events

Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) is slowly but steadily gaining ground as an architecture that helps developers to develop scalable, extensible and maintainable applications. Events play a major role in this architecture, and the way you design these events greatly influence the extensibility of your application.

In this post, I describe some CQRS event basics [...]

New blog post about syslogging from a java app using log4j

I wrote a new blog post on my employers website about java and syslogging. In this blog post I describe how you can use the linux syslog service from a java application. I use Log4j to do the actual logging and I describe this configuration. Next to that, I also describe the basics of syslog-ng [...]

Still doing grails

This is the third post in a series of post about grails. In this series I am describing an application I am creating with grails. It is a scheduling application for scheduling people on projects. You can find the previous posts here:

http://www.gridshore.nl/2009/12/20/starting-with-grails/ http://www.gridshore.nl/2010/01/04/continuing-with-grails/

In this post I will discuss the following topics:

Creating [...]

Continuing with grails

In my previous post Starting with grails, I wrote a long story about creating a new application with grails. I introduced some plugins and gave some hints and tips about working with grails from a starter perspective. As I move on, I will write down other things I have done.

Some of the things [...]