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Public Transportation pass woes….

The Netherlands is currently in the middle of a large project to change the way we pay for public transportation. We are moving from paying with a cardboard strip (called the "Nationale Strippenkaart", which must be stamped by the driver of the public transportation vehicle you get on) to a new system (the OV-chipkaart) involving [...]

Yes! REST really is not the same as HTTP!!

By now I’m sure everybody has at least heard of REpresentational State Transfer (REST). REST is an architectural style that was first properly described by Roy Fielding in his doctoral thesis. Since Fielding published his thesis in 2000 the term REST has become very popular among web developers. Mostly for the wrong reasons of course [...]

Axon Framework 0.6 released

Today, I released version 0.6 of the Axon Framework. 0.6 has many new features and is another step towards full production readiness. There is still some work to do, but first, let’s take a look at what has changed…