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Technologies like java, maven, springframework, OSGi and front end technologies and frameworks like jQuery, DWR, Flex.

Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


First steps with Node.js

With a colleague I was talking about Node.js. My first though, “yeah right, JavaScript on the server!”. But you have to be open minded if you want to learn new stuff. Therefore I thought about giving it a spin. I started looking for resources on the web, read a few of them and ended up [...]

Upgrade maven and switch between versions using bash on the mac

Over three years a go I wrote a blog post explaining the steps to upgrade you maven installation on Mac OS X Leopard. I have been using snow leopard now for a while and things changed a bit. In one of the comments to that post Oskar Carlstedt mentioned the steps required on Snow Leopard. [...]