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When good guys start looking like bullies….

An opinion on SpringSource’s new maintenance policy¬† Introduction

On September 17, 2008 SpringSource announced a new Maintenance Policy regarding its software offerings, particularly its primary product (the Spring Framework) both in its open source and Enterprise editions. The new policy reads as follows:

Customers who are using SpringSource Enterprise, available under a subscription, will receive [...]

That sounds unnecessarily uncomfortable

That sounds unnecessarily uncomfortable A response to “Cram your test driven development up your ass….” by Samuel N. Hart

I was surfing the Web this evening and stumbled upon a rather uncomfortable-sounding suggestion by Samuel Hart regarding the disposition of Test-driven Development (TDD). Not wanting to spend my working hours squirming around on my seat, [...]

The Life Cycle Pattern

One of my current projects is responsible for delivering a library of functions that are used by several applications being built and maintained at our customer. One of those functions in particular is quite central to the operation of all the applications that use out library and is responsible for collecting, transforming and combining data [...]

Dihydromonoxide: what’s in a name?

Does the name dihydromonoxide sound in any way familiar to you? It should (really, it should). Try googling it (here, I’ll make it easy for you). If and when you do google it, you will be informed by all sorts of sites of the various properties and dangers of this chemical compound. This one, for [...]


Author’s note: Unlike my other posts so far, this is not going to be a technical article. So you can skip it if you like. Or if you are an Apple fan with a weak heart….

For some reason, half the world seems to have gone mad over Apple products. Ever since Apple introduced [...]

SOA component design: thinking about error handling

When designing components for a SOA landscape (or any multiprocess system), the primary concern is with the communication behavior of the component: how messages are passed to and from the component and in what order, what those messages are and what constitutes a valid message and what doesn’t. When the time comes to implement the [...]

The final problem

A while ago it happened to me again. I was working on a piece of code for which I had to extend a class and override a method; while doing so I ran straight into a brick wall in the form of that miserable throwback of the Java language, the final method. Let me tell [...]

Three obvious development tips for creating message processing systems

Most IT development done nowadays involves development of some sort of message processing system (MPS). These MPSes can be simple and based on nothing more than message passing in the object oriented sense of the word, or they can be convoluted and even esoteric systems (ranging from SOA components included in an ESB to JMS-driven [...]