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The night before and the week after (a real story about an interview)

More and more I get respect for the marketing guys and architects of product companies that pay the Analyst firms to get interviewed by the analysts. Why, start reading.

Last week I experienced the stress of the night before and today I felt the disappointment of the week after.

What happened? I was asked [...]

Do IT vendors have to buy analyst ratings? I suggest they do – if they want to survive

Searching information about products and vendors is part of my job profile, mostly to know what will be best for my clients and the projects I am responsible for. Therefore reading analyst reports about products and how they group them into quadrants is important feedback from another perspective than mine. Recently my opinion as to [...]

Industrialization with BPM a Hoax we need People First!

Most IT-businesses and their IT-management are looking into ways to Industrialize. They aim for less cost, higher productivity , meaning that less people can achieve a certain amount of throughput and ensuring the quality of the work performed is independent of the people and ideally enable an untrained person to perform the work needed. But honestly this [...]

Is Gridshore addressing James Dobson statements?

Lots of conventionally-managed software projects do not include reliable execution by deadline, or are on budget, or to all features of the specification; it’s a rare `managed’ project that meets even one of these goals, let alone all three. Those projects do not appear to be market conform when it comes to cost, and those [...]