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Recap of the year 2010

The new year has started, with it comes one of the last opportunities to look back at 2010. So what happened, what did I try out, what did I like and what didn’t I like. I also want to have a short look at what you liked, based on the number of visitors.

This post [...]

Playing with the spring mobile project

Spring seems to be all over the place today. Interesting projects just seem to keep coming out of their development machines. Hard to keep up. In my previous blog I had a look at the spring-social project. In this blog post I’ll have a go at the spring-mobile project. I’ll go through the things you [...]

Connecting to Linkedin using spring-social

A few weeks ago the spring greenhouse project was mentioned to me. This project shows how you can interact with services that use OAuth like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Just a few days a go I noticed most of the code is now available through the spring-social project. Since we need this functionality for more [...]

Still learning MongoDB

Some days a go I wrote a blogpost about Learning Mongo. Of course I did not stop learning. As a good habit, I wrote down the next things I learned and played around with. That is what this blogpost is about, next steps in the learning process of Mongo. This post mainly focussus on [...]

Learning Mongodb

One of the technical fashionable terms is NoSQL. That is not really the reason why I wanted to have a look at it, but still it is a good reason to at least have an understanding of what it is. The best way to do this is to try it out. Together with Allard [...]

My first steps with Gradle: creating a multi module java web project and running it with jetty.

I am a experienced maven user. Sometime I love it, sometimes I hate it. I like it a lot better than ant, but in some situation you would like maven to be easier and more descriptive. The past year there was a lot of fuzz about Gradle. This would give you the best of ant [...]

Exposing jmx through jmxmp and reading the jmx data with groovy

In my previous post, “Using JMX within a spring application“, I talked about monitoring your application with jmx. I discussed exposing beans with spring. At one of my current projects I am having problems exposing jmx through the default jmxrmi protocol. In his whitepaper about jmx,¬†Allard mentiones another protocol, jmxmp. Spring has support for [...]

Upgraded wordpress and the atahualpa theme

I have just upgraded the wordpress software to version 3. It all seemed to work fine. However I noticed errors in the archive pages. Therefore I wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest atahualpa theme that I use for my blog. I should not promote it to much, or else everybody else starts using [...]