Welcome to our blog about all kind of topics that are related to software development. We blog about:

SOA, BPM, EDA, ECM and all the other buzz words. Beware some post might not be so common as you think. We are not scared to go against main stream thoughts.

Technologies like java, maven, springframework, OSGi and front end technologies and frameworks like jQuery, DWR, Flex.

Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Mac osx killer apps (part 2)

Some months ago I wrote an article with my favorite mac osx tools. I am using my mac more and more, with my current employer I can use it for almost everything I want. I do not have ms office, so sometimes I need to use my other laptop. I also use my other laptop [...]

Java 6 for Mac OSX leopard

A month a so a go I wrote this item about java 6 on the mac. It was a beta release an I had some issues with it, but it was workable. Now the real deal is ready to be installed. You can download it form the following url. http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/application_updates/javaformacosx105update1.html

Running the update [...]

Java on apple’s Mac OSX

When I bought my Mac a few months ago, there was some doubt about the support of apple for java. Java 6 was out for a while and Leopard was still shipped with java 5. There were a lot of blogs and a lot of reactions to the lag of support. For me it was [...]

Mac OSX using vmware fusion : network is down

This is a very small blog item. Still I want to share it with you all using the mac and vmware fusion. This morning I had a problem with my virtual machine. I could not ping a linux ubuntu image running mysql for some reason. I still did have internet connection from the vm, but [...]

Upgrading maven on the mac

Can you believe it, when you have Mac os-x 10.5 running, maven is pre-installed. If you are not programming java you practically do not care about it. But if you are not programming java you will not find this blog very interesting as well :-). So especially for those that like their Mac, program java [...]

Mac OS-X tools

These days everybody is speaking about the new MacBook air. The last months I was showing my macbook pro to colleagues and these same persons were kind of laughing and telling me about this new laptop. Yes it looks great, but it is to small for me. I like the one I have now a [...]