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Oh no, more logs, start with logstash

How many posts have you seen about logging? And how many have your read about logging? Recently logging became cool again. Nowadays everybody talks about logstash, elasticsearch and kibana. It feels like everybody is playing with these tools. If you are not among the people playing around with it, than this is your blog post. [...]

This was my 2012

It is almost the end of the year, we are getting ready for 2013. Therefore I want to look back at my 2012 as a software engineer. I want to look back at the blogs I have written, the presentations I have given, the books I read and the conferences I attended. This blog post [...]

Creating an rss feed using the latest features of Hippo

On my employers blog I wrote a piece about a new feature of Hippo called pipelines that can be used to create new content channels. We have created an rss feed using the standard components of Hippo combined with the Rome project. If you are interested you can read the blog post here:


Combining java and Node.js through redis pub/sub and a json remote interface

Recently I have been doing a lot with Node.js. It is a nice server technology that enables you to program on the server like you program on the client. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a java based business logic backend but a light weight client and server backend. Communication between node.js and java is [...]

Creating presentations with Node.js

I am learning about Node.js. While learning I usually create a few demo’s. Another thing I am attending a training for is learning how to give good presentations. I had to prepare a 10 minute presentation. Would be nice if I could combine the learning about Node.js with the 10 minute presentation. I decided to [...]

Installing Node.js on my new Synology

About a week a go I bought myself a Synology. A very nice product with reasonable value for money. Especially if you consider the options you have if you are not scared to get your hands dirty. Agreed the graphical admin console is nice, but the linux options are even nicer. I wanted to have [...]

First steps with Node.js

With a colleague I was talking about Node.js. My first though, “yeah right, JavaScript on the server!”. But you have to be open minded if you want to learn new stuff. Therefore I thought about giving it a spin. I started looking for resources on the web, read a few of them and ended up [...]

Using vmware and apache http server as a proxy

Currently I am working with vmware. I want to be flexible in reconfiguring my server without constantly having to re-install. Next to that I like it that I can configure my complete server and then move it to the production server. I am also looking into virtualization for the production server. Some of my collegues [...]