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Hippo cms workflow with events

Hippo is an opensource content management system. Hippo has created a cms on top of the Jackrabbit repository. Hippo is not the only cms that does this trick, but it is a big one. With version 7 out there, you can now use some nice features that they have created. This post discusses one of [...]

The case against Flex-based application UIs

I have once in a while discussions with Jettro on Flex, Ajax and what we do at ISIS Papyrus with our Papyrus EYE user interface. Post on Adobe`s Flex attracks a lot of visitors to our blog. So, now I ask all of you with real-world experience with Adobe`s Flex to be honest to your [...]

Injecting Domain objects with Spring

Using Spring, it is easy to inject any instance with its dependencies, as long as the instance is managed by the Spring container. This typically means that the to-be injected beans are configured in the XML configuration. However, sometimes, it is impossible or ugly design to have objects managed by the Spring container. For example, [...]

What did 800 visitors a day bring to our blog and why we are going to pass the 1000!


No it was not (yet) the news on ISIS Papyrus, neither was it the fact I almost won the Pullitzer price (I have first to write sensible things)

read on…


Flex remoting without configuring the client

For a while I am experimenting with flex. I wrote quite some posts about flex and security and I started writing about the Springframework BlazeDS Integration project. One thing that I do not really like about the configuration is the way to configure the remoting. All the hassle with the service-config.xml that needs to be [...]

widgets for the mac

Sunday morning, it is raining, and I am playing with the new mac. I was browsing through the default bookmarks and stumbled upon the widgets download page. Usually I do not use these nifty little apps a lot. Which is about to change. I have found some nice widgets that will make my life on [...]

The parable of the lightbulb

The other day I noticed that a bulb had burned out in my room. Which meant that I had to get a new bulb and replace the one that had failed. The act of replacing the bulb, perhaps surprisingly, led to some aggravation. Let me tell you about it.

The lamp in question does not [...]

Connecting to Hippo ecm using a springframework connector

Since my last article about springframework and hippo “Roadtrip from springframework to hippo 7” I have made a lot of changes to the code and moved my project to the hippo forge. With this post I want to explain what I have changed and in some situations why. I will not repeat the stuff I [...]