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Technologies like java, maven, springframework, OSGi and front end technologies and frameworks like jQuery, DWR, Flex.

Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Dutch Direct: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dijkstra’s Shortest Path algorithm

This year, 2009, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of a landmark moment for (Dutch) computing science: it is 50 years ago this year that Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, The Netherlands’ most famous computing scientist, published his Shortest Path Algorithm in Numerische Mathematik, the German journal of numerical mathematics.

The shortest path algorithm is a solution to [...]

Upgrading to Spring BlazeDS Integration M2

I have written some posts about using flex and the project Spring BlazeDS Integration. If you haven’t read that post I suggest you start there first : Flex remoting without configuring the client. That said, what is this post about? As the title already says, we are going to upgrade the example from the previous [...]

Time to learn, time to go to ApacheCon europe 2009

Hi All, this a some what unusual post. It is not about technology. Well, that’s not completely true, let’s rephrase. This post does not contain code. This post is a shameless plug for the ApacheCon 2009 in Amsterdam. Why> Because it is a very nice event at a nice location. I was there last year [...]

It’s not about the language, people….

Following a trackback to your own blog entry can be interesting from time to time. Today, for instance, I was led to an interesting blog from quite some years ago on the sys-con site by Michael Yuan entitled “Is Ruby Replacing Java? – Not So Fast”. In his blog, Michael talks a bit about why [...]

A small apology

Over the course of a number of different posts on Gridshore, I have mentioned a number of different ideas (mine as well as others’) that I was planning to introduce into my project and of which I promised to report the results. However, I fear that it has become impossible for me to do so, [...]

Inspirational moments

I needed of course a reason to write besides the 99 also the 101 Post.

So two inspirational moments to do so:

100 Posts on the Gridshore blog.That needs celebration. Every inspirational moment — well, 40 of them — you will ever need. The movie Human Assembly made by Bernhard Pucher of Iron Box Films, [...]

Post number 100

This is just a very short post about nothing. Well nothing, almost nothing. Thanks to the last posts of Freddie, this post is number 100 since we started using wordpress.

As a side note, today I upgraded to version 2.7. Very nice interface at the back-end.

Thanks guys for all the posts


The REAL Cost of Offshoring

This blog I wrote to share some of my insights on Distributed Software Development (Offshore, Nearshore, Rightshore, GRIDSHORE, whatevershore).

I will not go into cultural differences, intellectual differences, communication issues (human and technical), time and distance issues, etc.