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Cleaning up artifactory with a groovy script

On my employers blog I wrote an article about cleaning up your local maven repository. It gets polluted with old snapshot artifacts easily. It also leaves a lot of build around if you release regularly. After cleaning up your local copy you start thinking about the repository on the server. Would that also become as big as your local one? Of course. Therefore we need to clean that one up as well.

In most of our projects we use Artifactory. It is nice that artifactory comes with a REST based api. The url’s can be a bit better and the content type of the response is not what I would expect. Still the documentation is good and lost of actions are possible. In this blog post I show you the basics of interacting with the REST api using groovy. Now let us shrink the repo.

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Documents the Pull Way

Today I came across a column posted (in Dutch) on Webwereld entitled "It’s a trap!". This column is responding to the recent decision at a LibreOffice/OpenOffice Workshop to put more effort into support for Microsoft‘s proprietary OOXML format.

Perhaps it is because I have been reading Pull. Perhaps it is because I have been working at a new company over the past year who are trying to address some related issues. But this column got me thinking about what the essence is of what we call documents nowadays and how this might change in the coming years.

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Cleaning up your maven repository with groovy

Ever looked at the space used by your maven repository? Think that this is to much? Start reading the blog post I wrote on my employers blog about a groovy script that you can use to clean your local maven repository. It removes old snapshots stored in your repo as well as old versions of artifacts.


Combining java and Node.js through redis pub/sub and a json remote interface

Recently I have been doing a lot with Node.js. It is a nice server technology that enables you to program on the server like you program on the client. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a java based business logic backend but a light weight client and server backend. Communication between node.js and java is done in two ways in the sample. We use http and json for querying the data and for providing new data. Next to that I have an event system that pushes events with new data to the clients using nowjs. The following image gives you an idea about the overall solution.

Overview solution

If you want to find out more about this sample read on.

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Creating presentations with Node.js

I am learning about Node.js. While learning I usually create a few demo’s. Another thing I am attending a training for is learning how to give good presentations. I had to prepare a 10 minute presentation. Would be nice if I could combine the learning about Node.js with the 10 minute presentation. I decided to create a Node.js application to give the presentation. So no Keynote for me this time.

In this blog post I present you an additional sample, focussed on creating presentations as a programmer. I’ll use a few node.js modules: Jade, Express.

On my employers blog I wrote an extensive article about Node.js, you can have a look at the article as well.

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Coming up in the Axon Framework

Recently, I released Axon Framework 1.0. Instead of it being an opportunity to take a small break, things have gone into a higher gear instead. In this article, I give a sneak preview of what’s coming up in and around Axon Framework.

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Axon Framework 1.0 released!

It has been an exciting year. Little over a year ago, I started developing a framework to make it easier for developers to implement a highly scalable en extensible architecture. The first public Axon release (0.3) came out in April 2010, and was far from feature complete. Now, almost a year later, Axon has proven to be production ready and has been successfully employed in several projects around the world.

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Installing Node.js on my new Synology

About a week a go I bought myself a Synology. A very nice product with reasonable value for money. Especially if you consider the options you have if you are not scared to get your hands dirty. Agreed the graphical admin console is nice, but the linux options are even nicer. I wanted to have a cheap solution to host a node.js server at home. In the end I am glad I made the choice for this model.

In this blog post I will provided as much steps that I can remember and or wrote down while installing a node.js server on my Synology. This was not the easiest thing I have ever done. If I can help some others that want to get more out of their Synology my hours of work are worth it.

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