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Doing JAOO day 3

At the moment I am already home, we had a long drive from 10 hours, a good night sleep, and a day at work. I owe you all the report of the last day at the JAOO and maybe some final thoughts.

This post tells a story about jpa and internal domain specific languages, read [...]

Doing JAOO day 2

After a good night with drinks and fun we started of with the second day. A keynote about google v8, their java script engine. Hmm, not my thing. It does look incredibly fast by the way. So as a user I am interested. The next presentation is what this blog post is about, Failure [...]

Doing JAOO day 1

From monday to wednesday I am attending JAOO in Denmark with 6 other colleagues. I am not going to give an extensive report, but some notes and remarks might interest you guys. Therefore a brief summary of what I have seen, the presentations I attended and the most interesting things I remember.

The first day [...]