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Book review: OSGi and Apache Felix 3.0

At the end of 2010 I reviewed the book “OSGi and Apache Felix 3.0 Beginner’s Guide“. The people from packt publishing contacted me based on my involvement in the past with OSGi and felix. I wrote a number of blog posts on OSGi and felix and gave a presentation at the NLJug together with Allard [...]

Building Spring DM server compliant OSGi bundles with Maven

Recently, SpringSource released the first version of their DM server. The SpringSource DM Server provides the ability to build enterprise web applications. In the basis, S2DM is a fine mixture of Equinox and Tomcat.

Building OSGi-based web applications was already possible, but it is tedious and error prone work. The typical hello-world example was [...]

Creating a jetty based OSGi HttpService for apache felix

OSGi has a service spec called http.service (see Service Compendium document of the OSGi Alliance). Felix has an implementation for it that is based around jetty 4.x. Since we are at jetty 6.1.7 at the moment I thought about trying to create an implementation of my own. Not that it is really necessary, you can [...]

Embedding Jetty in OSGi (osgi felix sample step 3)

This is my third post in the osgi basics series. The topic of today is embedding a servlet container within an osgi container. Of course I am continuing to use felix and now I start using jetty from mortbay. Starting from version 6.1.x, jetty is packaged as a bundle in itself. It is very easy [...]

Using maven to create an osgi bundle (osgi felix sample step 2)

This is the second step in a series of items about exploring the felix osgi container and some sidesteps to make life easier while developing osgi bundles. You can find the first step here: http://www.gridshore.nl/2008/02/10/starting-with-osgi-using-apache-felix-step-1/

This is so easy, I do not want to spend to much time here. There is a special maven 2 [...]

Starting with OSGi using apache felix (step 1)

I think it was somewhere September 2006 when I first read about OSGi. Immediately I saw opportunities to finally come to my long envisioned Service Component Architecture. On top of that I could fix all these classloader issues as well. So good news. Together with Allard we started evaluating the possibilities of OSGi. We tried [...]