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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


My first steps with Gradle: creating a multi module java web project and running it with jetty.

I am a experienced maven user. Sometime I love it, sometimes I hate it. I like it a lot better than ant, but in some situation you would like maven to be easier and more descriptive. The past year there was a lot of fuzz about Gradle. This would give you the best of ant [...]

Upgrading my books-overview flex, BlazeDS, Spring security application

In March 2008 I started experimenting with flex and java integration. I wrote a lot of blog posts since than and even published an article on adobe.com. For most of my blog items I used a sample that is available on google code called books-overview. During the years the sample improved a lot. By now [...]

Doing grails, yes I like it

Last week I attended a groovy & grails training by SpringSource. My first introduction into grails is about 2 years a go. I attended a talk at the spring experience. Back than I liked it, tried it, but did not really use it. By now a lot has changed, most of all very good tool [...]

Java on Google app engine with intelliJ

This is a short post about the new java support for google appengine. The Basic steps are described very well at google, check the getting started manual. Here I just describe my experiences with my first java based application for google appengine. I concentrate on the usage of intellij. In coming posts I will create [...]

JetBrains Teamcity – your continuous build to the next level

As a lot of you, I am working on larger projects with more than 10 developers, most of the time there are some offshore resources as well. Of course we are using continuous integration, we program our unit tests and run them on every build. Still it happens that people do a mvn clean install [...]