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Using JMX within a spring application

Lately I have been doing a lot with JMX. I use it more and more to check what my application is doing. I use it to monitor tomcat, the cache, queue’s and other libraries and components. Now I wanted to use jmx to monitor my own application. Using the standard JMX stuff coming with the [...]

Creating a sortable list of items using jQuery

For a project that I am working on Your-Scrum I need a lot of items in a list that are sortable. One Story is to have a backlog with stories that are sortable to reflect the importance. Using Domain Driven Design, I have created a rich domain model. Using the model, we can execute all [...]

Why Spring Roo is not my thing

To be honest, I was planning a long article about why I used spring roo for a new project I am working on. It all looks so promising, man I had a very nice app in a few hours. The fact that it is coming from SpringSource always give a good feeling. Therefore I moved [...]

Integrate flex security in Mate using the spring BlazeDS integration project

More than a year a go I started writing about flex. My first post was about the integration of BlazeDS with the springframework at the back-end using intellij. I moved on with a Datagrid component that had filtering included in my second post. Than I did two posts about integrating spring security. The first article [...]

Upgrading the flex based books-overview sample

As a lot of you out there know, I write a lot about flex and java. For my flex posts I use a sample called books-overview. You can find the sourcecode on google code. A lot of different frameworks released new versions. In this post I describe the some of the upgrades that are important [...]

Doing flex with JMS: combining BlazeDS, spring-jms and ActiveMQ

The complete story of combining a lot of different technologies and a lot of different blog post and articles found on the web. There are multiple good posts around this topic, but none of them gave the exact solution I needed. Therefore I write this blog post, maybe someone else can use this as well.


Using spring integration for rss reading

For a customer I was thinking about a solution to loosely couple some systems to be integrated with a content management system, hippo cms in this case. I remembered I had a demo for a few times by Iwein Fuld and by Roel Derksen. A few weeks a go, Allard showed a nice demo with [...]

Upgrading to Spring BlazeDS Integration M2

I have written some posts about using flex and the project Spring BlazeDS Integration. If you haven’t read that post I suggest you start there first : Flex remoting without configuring the client. That said, what is this post about? As the title already says, we are going to upgrade the example from the previous [...]