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Should we send out a SOS for SOA?

This Post is all about laughing and not to worry to much about SOA, BPM, ROI, CEP. I came across “Greg the Architect” and his small movies underpin a lot of what i have written about lately.

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So let’s start with the Analysts. I have written about the danger of blindly following the analysts in my Blog “Do IT vendors have to buy analyst ratings? I suggest they do – if they want to survive“. Greg seek the truth behind the industry Analyst’s recommendation. Will Greg be left hanging?

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After we have convinced our C-level we arrived in the middle of the vendor selection. After reading 20 whitepapers, getting 5 vendors in house, visiting two SOA congresses Panic comes to me. Find out what happens when Gret tries to swallow three different SOA pitches in one day. Will he save the day, or will Greg have to chck the project?

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We have down selected to one vendor and are in the middle of our drag and drop excercise to wire all those Services into a nice modelled Business Process, but wait… are there some problems? Does reality not comply to the marketing world of the vendor? Greg is concerned too that the SOA team can’t stay on target. He needs a vacation, but his cruise will have to wait as he needs to find some answers which his boss told him to find on this SOA Conference. Will Greg find the magic he needs to put his team back on course?

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After our succesfull implementation of SOA and BPM with all these promises about Agililty, Flexibility, re-use the question comes from the same C-level to show the ROI. As written in my blog entries “Industrialization with BPM a Hoax we need People First!”, “What does Route Planning has to do with Business Process Management?” i doubt seriously, if the promised ROI and agility will be achieved. Greg is faced with the challenge “proving the ROI to the suits.” Will Greg deliver the goods? watch

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If you want to find more on “Greg the Architect” go to his homepage which can be found on: http://www.gregthearchitect.com/index.html

Hope you have enjoyed this blog item as much as i did :-)

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