logo_youtube.gifI already wrote before i have a Mac. I do not use the internet explorer on the mac and if I am using a windows machine I mostly use opera or firefox. Why am I telling you this, well that means I do not very regularly test on internet explorer. The previous post from Freddie with all the nice Youtube movies did perfectly work on the mac, but Freddie could not see the movies. So we started debugging. Finally when I got to this website:


I started to understand the problem. The browser was missing the flash plugin and the format of the embedding of youtube movies was not good. So I changed the links and yes it works. It turns out that internet explorer does not come with a warning and a download option for unavailable plugins when using the embed tag.

Here is the solution as I took him from the mentioned website.

	style="width:425px; height:350px;" 
		<param name="movie" 
			value="http://www.youtube.com/v/CnhEfxxhg34&" />

Long live google for searching, bloggers for posting solutions and internet explorer for sticking to standards

Doing youtube movies with internet explorer
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