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time for a news item completely different from most of the others. This time it is a personal blog item. For the last ten years I have been working for two big consultancy firms as a java consultant. Before I did java, I worked with c/c++, MS Access, COM/COM+ using VB, html, javascript, etc. For around 7 years I have been working with java now. Next to java I was always interested in front end frameworks. In the beginning we called them dhtml, nowadays we call them ajax. If you have read posts of mine on this blog, you know I am interested in and experimenting with frameworks like: Google Web Toolkit, Wicket, jQuery and Flex.

Next to the front end frameworks I am also focussing on back technologies like OSGi and security. Therefore the articles on felix or OSGi in general and spring security are still very important to me.

The problem with my current (still for 1 week) and my previous job was the type of projects that we did. Always the old technology for the bigger companies likes banks and insurance companies. All the cool stuff was done in the evening. I also wanted something else than companies of thousands of people. I wanted more control of the company and not a lot of layers of managers on top of me. With my current employer I know I had lots of opportunities, but not the ones I wanted. Of course I will miss the people I have been working with. I did like all the things I did outside of my day to day work. But not enough to overcome the type of projects and roles that I did and got.

Concluding, I have learned a lot, had fun, but the projects we did were not really what I wanted. So, time for a change.

I have found my new challenge in a small company called JTeam. Well small, they are small in he amount of people compared to what I was used to. They do a lot of projects with all the technologies I am writing about on this blog. One thing I think was pretty cool is the answer I got when I asked for a mac to work on. The reply was that there were some issues with java 6 on the mac (not that I did not know). Since almost all there projects are on java 6 that might be a problem. Hmm, I am used to Websphere 5.1 and java 1.4. This is a cool problem to have. Luckily Apple has provided a beta release of java 6, so maybe I can use my own mac :-). JTeam gives me the opportunity to work on my technical skills as well as my (pre-)sales skills. Another great thing is the possibility to start writing a book. So who knows, maybe in the future I’ll do that as well.

If you have reached this far, the last thing I want to tell is that I will continue blogging. I think the number of items and topics will even increase. If you want to learn more about JTeam please check the website. To my (almost) old colleagues a warm thank you for the past two years and to my new colleagues, I am proud to be part of the team “JTeam“.

Changing jobs to JTeam by the 1st of april (no joke)
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