Well what shall I say, Jettro is not the only one that has changed. After three great years with Accenture, leading a group of 120 enthousiastic Java, EAI, ECM and SOA specialists I decided to follow my heart and took the once in a lifetime opportunity to setup a subsidiary for ISIS Papyrus in the Netherlands.

ISIS Papyrus Netherlands b.v. will focus on the Dutch market to sell and implement their “Business communication platform” but we will also put more focus on the so called Content Enabled Vertical Applications. ISIS Papyrus is the one and only ECM company that delivers a truly integrated ECM platform covering Scanning, Capturing, Archiving, Document Output Management, Printer Management, Business Rules, Business Process Management and has built in version management, security, release management.

ISIS Papyrus will soon anounce their revolutionairy User Interface, so watch this Blog.

Freddie van Rijswijk

A new life has started at ISIS Papyrus Netherlands