Why this Blog on four persons? I want to let you know that, as with everyone else, a lot of my thoughts and ideas are coming from discussions with them. And I LOVE DISCUSSIONS that give you a different perspective. This morning it became pretty clear to me that what i write also comes from them and I should give them the credits they deserve, so I decided to write this short blog.

I will start with Jettro Coenradie. Jettro is someone I know for 6 years and I have seen him grow professionally. Jettro is the guy that has deep understanding on Java, get everything to work and above all like to share his knowledge with others. Jettro is the person I can call, msn any time and he gives always his honest opinion. Jettro hosts also this website www.gridshore.nl.

Then my boss, ISIS Papyrus chief architect and founder Max J. Pucher. Max has quite an interesting view and opinion on IT. The ISIS Papyrus Platform is based on his visionary ideas and design. I have seen a lot in 20 years but have to admit that every time I look into it in more depth it encounter positive surprises.

Discussing with Max on his thoughts on IT can cause me with feelings of recognition, despair, stupidity, genius and a lot of other feelings. But above all it stimulates me to re-think the way we do our IT Job and let me think why IT is not making the promises true. The challenge we face is how to get the vision and strengths of ISIS Papyrus Platform to the market without downsizing our solution and architecture to be able to fit in one of the compartments / quadrants people and mostly Analysts thinking in.

Check out his blog. Welcome to the Real (IT) World! You will find a number of his, as Max calls it, politically incorrect thoughts on information technology.

Ben Tels is also a person that earns a special place. Ben is one of the few that can cause the same feelings as Max can do. Max and Ben are so different in their thoughts but in the same time so equal in their authenticity on their thinking on IT. Ben writes his thoughts and observations on this blog Gridshore.

Ed Steenhoek is the person that I like to have discussions with on the current ECM market. Ed is an ECM Architect that knows a lot and has also his own thoughts on what is wrong and right and how to improve. He is open-minded, precise and honest in giving feedback. Ed has also his own blog Ed´s content matters.

All of you keep on blogging your thoughts and observations and thank you for sharing them with me in discussions.

Best Regards
Freddie van Rijswijk.

My credits goes to ….