Three months ago I left Accenture to start ISIS Papyrus Netherlands. These three months seems to me 3 weeks so fast they went. Although I miss sometimes the discussions with some of the people and the happiness of getting them on a nice job that fit their career I honestly have to say that I do not miss the 150 emails and 20 voicemails a day.

I am still learning how rich and great ISIS Papyrus Platform is, but face also the steep learning curve as I want to be self sufficient in doing demo`s and hate it to become too dependent on others which is still the case. I see the unlimited possibilities of ISIS made possible by its Architecture, I can explain it giving concrete examples but showing it is still difficult as I need a team here in The Netherlands to make it happen.

Last three weeks where quite important for me because I called our customers, visit some of them, discussed opportunities and wherIBMIOD2008 010e part of the ISIS Strategy and User Conference in Brussels where I gave my CASE management presentation. Last week we where GOLD sponsor at the IBM IOD and I gave a presentation and DEMO for about 17 interested insurance and bank architects. Also Capgemini, Accenture and Atos Origin have shown real interest in ISIS Papyrus as also a lot of IBM Managers and an Analyst specialized in ECM who have spend almost three hours trying to understand what we do. And I have to say, HE WAS IMPRESSED:.

Next week, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Amsterdam for me, while my colleagues also doing an Open House in the UK.

I removed most of the weed in the garden, have put the first seeds in, and will continue to do, and it’s now a matter of giving water and constantly giving it attention.

Now is also the time to start recruiting here in the Netherlands. When you read this and my articles before and you are interested to work for ISIS Papyrus Netherlands and driven by enthusiasm, innovation, wanting the best for our customers and not purely money driven sent me an email with your CV and motivation.

ISIS Papyrus Gold Sponsor at IBM IOD The Hague

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  • October 27, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    I am prasanta kumar barik having 4 years of exp in isis papyrus designer 6.2,AFP 6.2 and in mainframe.I am aslo a papyrus certified professional .currenrly i am in Denmark.If is there any openings for isis papyrus then please let me know by mail.


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