This is one of the smallest blog posts I have created. Still it is an interesting one if you are interested in google web toolkit or if you are a dutch reader looking for a vision to open source.

First I want to give a bit of attention to the book written by three colleagues of mine Beginning Google Web Toolkit: From Novice to Professional. I know these guys and I know what they have done to write this book and the samples. So if you are interested in this book, click the link an buy it. Good job Bram, Uri and Roald.

[amtap book:isbn=1430210311]

The other thing took less effort. But it was one of those articles I wanted to write for a long time. If you read these posts regularly, you have already read it in english. Now the dutch version is posted at the computable website. Computable works with expert panels. This month the open source expert panel will be launched. I am one of the members of this panel. You can find more information at the open source home page of computable.

That is it for now, there are some articles that need to be written: rule engines, flex Mate framework and more on open source. So stay tuned …

Short update