Welcome to our blog about all kind of topics that are related to software development. We blog about:

SOA, BPM, EDA, ECM and all the other buzz words. Beware some post might not be so common as you think. We are not scared to go against main stream thoughts.

Technologies like java, maven, springframework, OSGi and front end technologies and frameworks like jQuery, DWR, Flex.

Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Code projects at google code

logogooglecode.pngI have been using google code for a while now. The gridshore project at google code contains some nice examples. For a while now you can add wiki pages to the project at google code. Therefore I have created a table with all the projects that are hosted on google code. You can find this page at :


I also made a cross table of al samples and the blog items that I have written to describe the technologies used. I will maintain this table at the google code project. But because it is the first release I also want to share it on my blog.

Read on to see a complete list of projects

project technologies reason for existence Blog item(s)
Felix Tryout osgi, felix, maven2, intellij First real tryout with an osgi application running on felix starting-with-osgi-using-apache-felix-step-1, using-maven-to-create-an-osgi-bundle-osgi-felix-sample-step-2, embedding-jetty-in-osgi-osgi-felix-sample-step-3, creating-a-jetty-based-osgi-httpservice-for-apache-felix
Raffle Google web toolkit This application I used to explain he basics of Google web toolkit Rowing-the-Google-Web-Toolkit-boat-with-intellij
Raffle App jpa, annotations, google web toolkit, wicket, jquery I used this application to show multiple front end frameworks. Before you can start with the front end, you need to have a solid back end. Therefore I tried jpa using springframework and hibernate at the back end. The different front ends all use the same back end without changes. Creating-an-application-with-maven2,-jpa,-springframework-and-intellij, start-using-jquery-with-some-small-samples-and-using-spring-mvc-25
Spring OSGi Sample OSGi, springframework My first thing I did with OSGi, I must admit that I did not understand that much about OSGi back than. Spring-osgi-an-evaluation-using-maven-2-and-the-special-spring-osgi-archetype
Springframework archetype springframework, maven2, acegi I was doing a lot of projects with the same kind of architecture. I also wanted to experiment with maven archetype. So the ideal combination to create my custom archetype. Creating-a-maven-archetype-for-acegi-and-springframework
Training Overview spring 2.5, annotations, jpa, jquery, maven In this application we go to the extreme with plain web development. A lot about using spring mvc 2.5 in combination with jquery. Again the back end is created using springframework, hibernate and jpa. using-annottions-in-springframework
Ajax dwr sample dwr, springframework, scriptoculous One of the most known implementations is creating auto complete solutions. With this project I create an autocomplete using scriptoculous and dwr. The blog item in which I described the solutions is still one of the best read posts of my blog. Creating-an-autocomplete-with-Spring-and-DWR
books-overview flex 3, BlazeDS, springframework This is the latest sample I have created. This is also the sample for the coming months. I a experimenting a lot with flex 3 and I show all this is this sample. For now there is a custom component for filtering results in a DataGrid creating-a-flex-3-datagrid-component-with-backend-filtering
spring-ws-samples spring ws, maven, springframwork, jaxb This application shows a webservice as well as a webservice client using the spring-ws framework. Using-Spring-ws-for-creating-a-webservice, Creating-a-webservice-client-using-Spring-ws-and-maven2
buildversion-plugin maven Creates a file version.jsp in the web application folder wth the version of the maven build in it.
payment-batch-sample I started this sample to create a batch application, but I never finished it.

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