logogooglecode.pngI have been using google code for a while now. The gridshore project at google code contains some nice examples. For a while now you can add wiki pages to the project at google code. Therefore I have created a table with all the projects that are hosted on google code. You can find this page at :

I also made a cross table of al samples and the blog items that I have written to describe the technologies used. I will maintain this table at the google code project. But because it is the first release I also want to share it on my blog.

Read on to see a complete list of projects

project technologies reason for existence Blog item(s)
Felix Tryout osgi, felix, maven2, intellij First real tryout with an osgi application running on felix starting-with-osgi-using-apache-felix-step-1, using-maven-to-create-an-osgi-bundle-osgi-felix-sample-step-2, embedding-jetty-in-osgi-osgi-felix-sample-step-3, creating-a-jetty-based-osgi-httpservice-for-apache-felix
Raffle Google web toolkit This application I used to explain he basics of Google web toolkit Rowing-the-Google-Web-Toolkit-boat-with-intellij
Raffle App jpa, annotations, google web toolkit, wicket, jquery I used this application to show multiple front end frameworks. Before you can start with the front end, you need to have a solid back end. Therefore I tried jpa using springframework and hibernate at the back end. The different front ends all use the same back end without changes. Creating-an-application-with-maven2,-jpa,-springframework-and-intellij, start-using-jquery-with-some-small-samples-and-using-spring-mvc-25
Spring OSGi Sample OSGi, springframework My first thing I did with OSGi, I must admit that I did not understand that much about OSGi back than. Spring-osgi-an-evaluation-using-maven-2-and-the-special-spring-osgi-archetype
Springframework archetype springframework, maven2, acegi I was doing a lot of projects with the same kind of architecture. I also wanted to experiment with maven archetype. So the ideal combination to create my custom archetype. Creating-a-maven-archetype-for-acegi-and-springframework
Training Overview spring 2.5, annotations, jpa, jquery, maven In this application we go to the extreme with plain web development. A lot about using spring mvc 2.5 in combination with jquery. Again the back end is created using springframework, hibernate and jpa. using-annottions-in-springframework
Ajax dwr sample dwr, springframework, scriptoculous One of the most known implementations is creating auto complete solutions. With this project I create an autocomplete using scriptoculous and dwr. The blog item in which I described the solutions is still one of the best read posts of my blog. Creating-an-autocomplete-with-Spring-and-DWR
books-overview flex 3, BlazeDS, springframework This is the latest sample I have created. This is also the sample for the coming months. I a experimenting a lot with flex 3 and I show all this is this sample. For now there is a custom component for filtering results in a DataGrid creating-a-flex-3-datagrid-component-with-backend-filtering
spring-ws-samples spring ws, maven, springframwork, jaxb This application shows a webservice as well as a webservice client using the spring-ws framework. Using-Spring-ws-for-creating-a-webservice, Creating-a-webservice-client-using-Spring-ws-and-maven2
buildversion-plugin maven Creates a file version.jsp in the web application folder wth the version of the maven build in it.
payment-batch-sample I started this sample to create a batch application, but I never finished it.
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