halo_wordpress.jpgToday, with sweat in my hands, I started upgrading my wordpress blog to version 2.5. It turned up t be a breeze. No problem at all, everything is working like a charm. Well at least what I have tested so far.

I like the new interface, doesn’t look so old fashioned anymore. So good job.

I did have an issue with the maintenance mode plugin, the upgrade.php file did not work. If you come across the same problem, you should edit the file maintenance-mode.php and comment the line right after Get Options.

#$mamo_opt = get_option('plugin_maintenancemode2')

Then everything should work again. I know I remove the plugin now.

Thanks to the wordpress team for the good effort. If someone has a good tip for a plugin or great theme, feel free to add a comment.

running wordpress 2.5
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