No it was not (yet) the news on ISIS Papyrus, neither was it the fact I almost won the Pullitzer price (I have first to write sensible things)

read on…

It has all to do with a catching title (like this one) and of course an interesting topic like Offshore, Productivity but above all Technology Stuff. Ben and Allard write nice pieces see for example “The parable of the light bulb changing” that are highly educational but there is only one champion when it comes to new stuff which is Jettro. Man what is that man productive and good in sharing his knowledge.

Give him an applaus and reward him with more than 1000 visitors on one day. Check out his articles on howto wire Java and Adobe Flex together.

I am still wondering why anyone would put some much effort in this hardcoding programming while you could do the same and more with less effort using the ISIS Papyrus Platform.

As Butler said in their upcoming Technology Audit Report “In Butler Group’s opinion, the ISIS Papyrus Platform provides a real solution to a real problem. The problem is that organisations are caught up in implementing what they view as diverse systems; when, in fact, they are part of a total ecosystem (or at least should be seen as such). Once these systems or solutions are implemented there comes a need to integrate them to provide both the real value and to reduce management costs.”

But yes I know, I was myself a die hard Java Developer and I know its fun to code, but if its the best for the organization I am not so sure anymore.

What did 800 visitors a day bring to our blog and why we are going to pass the 1000!

2 thoughts on “What did 800 visitors a day bring to our blog and why we are going to pass the 1000!

  • January 26, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Totally agree with it.
    So let us know if you read and value the articles.

  • January 26, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Getting a 1000 visits is less interesting than getting 300 visits of people that actually read the content and can use it for their pleasure. Although the numbers look nice 🙂

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