I have once in a while discussions with Jettro on Flex, Ajax and what we do at ISIS Papyrus with our Papyrus EYE user interface. Post on Adobe`s Flex attracks a lot of visitors to our blog. So, now I ask all of you with real-world experience with Adobe`s Flex to be honest to your self and ask yourself is Flex something a business user can use to define his own User Interface? Or at least is it Flexible and manageable enough to do quick changes based on changing user requirements?

I recommend to read the two post below and also to leave your response.

Tony Byrne, analyst with CMSWatch, put out an interesting blog”The case against Flex-based application UIs“.

Max J. Pucher has written also an interesting blog-item on “Flex versus EYE“.

The case against Flex-based application UIs