125x125 basic apachecon 09.gifHi All, this a some what unusual post. It is not about technology. Well, that’s not completely true, let’s rephrase. This post does not contain code. This post is a shameless plug for the ApacheCon 2009 in Amsterdam. Why> Because it is a very nice event at a nice location. I was there last year and there were some very interesting topics. The amount of commercial parties is less than in other dutch events, so not to much recruitment going on. Everything has to do with the focus on technology.

Think about all those nice apache projects that you have been using for ages: Lucene, http server, tomcat, solr, maven. You can find training courses by the experts in the first two days. The second part, wednesday to friday, is all about talks. Here you can learn about OSGi with Felix, the cloud with Hadoop, performance tuning tomcat and of course a real case study by Uri Boness of JTeam on the topic of enterprise search with Solr

If this did not motivate you to come to Amsterdam than read about the complete program.

If you are wondering when this event takes place : 23-27 March 2009

See you next time with source code

Time to learn, time to go to ApacheCon europe 2009
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