There is a time to come and a time to leave. After a week, our visit is almost over. Today we are flying back home. With this post I would like to give you an impression how this week was. Just like the previous post, if your are only interested in technical stuff, you can safely skip this one. I will make some remarks about DDD, but not to many yet.

Oke, so what has happened after that first day of walking. To be honest, not a lot of exiting things (sorry Arjan). But we had a lot of fun. On monday we again had a lot of walks, mostly in shops, you do have to buy some presents for the kids of course. I can tell you one thing, some of these shops are impressive. Although I liked shopping in these big malls a lot better, New York has some nice shops. What about the Toys ‘r us, they have some very big toys in it. Like this ferris wheel.

Another funny store is the M&M store. You can buy everything with an M&M character on it. Things like underwear, plates, cups. Of course you can also buy M&M’s in all sorts of colors.

After shopping we went south, started walking through china town. Man, you really felt like being in another country. First language is chinese and not american, that’s for sure.

Next stop, Brooklyn Bridge. Again we kept walking south and ended up on Brooklyn bridge. You had a nice view on New York from the bridge.

After all this walking we became thirsty and also a bit hungry, so we walked back to Little Italy for some food and beer.

Now the holiday was over, on Tuesday we started with the training. The view through the window was nice

The training itself was very good. Actually it was even better than I expected. I had a lot of fun and got an enormous amount of motivation to start working with it. More on that in later posts

The coming week I’ll give a better view on the training itself, I will do that on the jteam blog.

In the evenings we tried to go out as much as possible as well. We went to pubs, they serve nice burgers. And did I mention they have cold beer? On thursday we had a nice walk a long side the water. We watched a nice sunset, to bad I did not bring my camera. We did drink a nice cold corona :-). That’s about it.

As for now, thank you New York, loved the stay but glad to be going home.

Gridshore leaving New York