A lot of people dream of creating the new Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Nobody knows when they will create it, most of the ideas just came to be big. Personally I do not believe I will ever create such a product. To busy with to much different things, usually based on great ideas of others. One thing I do like is reading about the success stories of others. I read the book about starbucks, microsoft, apple and a few others.

Recently I started reading the Twitter Story. It reeds like an exciting story, nevertheless it is telling a story based on interviews and facts behind one of the most exciting companies on the internet of the last century.

I do not think it is a coincidence that a lot of what I read in the Lean Startup but also the starbucks story is coming back in the twitter story. One thing that struck me in this book is what business does to friendship. It is also showing that people with great ideas are usually not the people that make this ideas into a profitable company.

When starting a company based on your terrific idea, read this book and learn from it. It might make your life a lot better.

Review The Twitter Story by Nick Bilton
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