This is a short post about two applications that I am using on the mac. I know one of them is not the most obvious choice, still I like it a lot better than another one that is used a lot. I am talking about a twitter client.

syrinx1.pngThis is Syrinx, just a twitter client. But a client that does what you need, nothing more nothing less. It shows your friends, it shows twits. It keeps track of your last read tweet. It is also less present than some other twitter clients that are well known.

AppZapper.pngThe second application I want to talk about is an application that takes care of removing applications from your machine. Each application stores more files than the ones in your application folder. This small little app knows them and removes them as well. Just pick up the application you want to delete, drag it into the appzapper window and it is gone. Appzapper is not free. It will cost you around 13 dollars. I do not think that is to much for a handy tool like this.


I do want to use this post to announce that gridshore is on twitter now as well. You can find me on Don’t worry, I will not write tweets about my personal stuff, only about new items I am working on. Technical stuff I am looking at or maybe conferences I visit. Check it out if you are interested. I also installed the plugin in wordpress, so often the tweets appear on the site as well.

Two new apps for the mac
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