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Wow, springframework enters the ActionScript and flex domain

Some time a go I had a chat with Alef Arendsen. We talked about flex and the integration with springframework. As a lot of you know, I wrote a few posts about that topic. We talked about what the springframework could do to make life easier for spring developers when using flex and BlazeDS. At [...]

Doing search

Some time a go I wrote an item about refactoring a library. This post was about ict books, and how you can limit the amount of physical books. At the end I discussed a way to refactor your library by loosing books. It turns out I was/am in a need for a good search engine. [...]

Building Spring DM server compliant OSGi bundles with Maven

Recently, SpringSource released the first version of their DM server. The SpringSource DM Server provides the ability to build enterprise web applications. In the basis, S2DM is a fine mixture of Equinox and Tomcat.

Building OSGi-based web applications was already possible, but it is tedious and error prone work. The typical hello-world example was [...]