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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Using smultron as a TextMate alternative

This is a short post about again another tool for the mac. I was using TextMate as an external text editor. There were a few reasons why I liked it a lot. I am using it mainly for editing files without opening a full blown editor like IntelliJ or DashCode. Since I am doing a [...]

Continuous Integration (Again)

This blog item gives you an inside scoop into the continuous integration environment at JTeam. You’ll learn about the why, what and how of continuous integration. The tools we use are mainly open source.

Why continuous integration?

A number of years a go not many people new the term continuous integration. That has [...]

Papyrus EYE Enables Rich Document-centric Applications with Identical Experience across Browser and Fat Client

Papyrus offers Rich Internet applications (RIA) for enterprise users with the same online and offline usability, layout and functionality as desktop applications – One Single Definition – Central Version Management and Release Management – Multi Language – Text Editor – Without Additional Coding-

It was quite a while back i did my last post but [...]

The Life Cycle Pattern

One of my current projects is responsible for delivering a library of functions that are used by several applications being built and maintained at our customer. One of those functions in particular is quite central to the operation of all the applications that use out library and is responsible for collecting, transforming and combining data [...]

Dihydromonoxide: what’s in a name?

Does the name dihydromonoxide sound in any way familiar to you? It should (really, it should). Try googling it (here, I’ll make it easy for you). If and when you do google it, you will be informed by all sorts of sites of the various properties and dangers of this chemical compound. This one, for [...]


Author’s note: Unlike my other posts so far, this is not going to be a technical article. So you can skip it if you like. Or if you are an Apple fan with a weak heart….

For some reason, half the world seems to have gone mad over Apple products. Ever since Apple introduced [...]