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Coming up in the Axon Framework

Recently, I released Axon Framework 1.0. Instead of it being an opportunity to take a small break, things have gone into a higher gear instead. In this article, I give a sneak preview of what’s coming up in and around Axon Framework.


Axon Framework 1.0 released!

It has been an exciting year. Little over a year ago, I started developing a framework to make it easier for developers to implement a highly scalable en extensible architecture. The first public Axon release (0.3) came out in April 2010, and was far from feature complete. Now, almost a year later, Axon has proven [...]

Axon Framework 1.0, first release candidate available

The Axon Framework 1.0 release is closing in. After over a year of development, all features planned for the 1.0 version are included. With the latest added features, Axon has become a powerful framework that helps developers implementing applications using on a CQRS based architecture.

Although the 1.0-rc1 version doesn’t add a lot of new [...]

Axon Framework 0.7 Released

Today, I released the 0.7 version of Axon Framework. A lot has happened since 0.6, and that’s why it took a little longer for this version to come out. This new version is a huge step towards the 1.0, of which the first milestone release should be available before March 2011. All basic building blocks [...]

Axon Framework 0.6 released

Today, I released version 0.6 of the Axon Framework. 0.6 has many new features and is another step towards full production readiness. There is still some work to do, but first, let’s take a look at what has changed…


Axon Framework 0.5 released

Today, I finalized the 0.5 release of the Axon Framework. There is quite a number of changes since the 0.4 version. The 0.5 version is a major step towards production readiness of the framework.

Besides some changes to existing building blocks, such as the event bus, which is now much more powerful, the 0.5 [...]

What I have been doing lately – CQRS, CQRS and Axon

Some people have asked be what I was working on lately, since they didn’t see any blogs from me the last months. Well, my life has been heavily focused on the investigation of all the capabilities of a very simple pattern: CQRS. As I unleashed its power on a project, I noticed that most of [...]

Axon Framework – the CQRS framework for Java – version 0.4 released

Last week, I published the 0.4 release of the Axon Framework. Axon helps developers build high performance, scalable and extensible applications using the CQRS pattern. The 0.4 release is a major step towards 1.0, and includes transactional event handling, high-performance caching repositories and easy configuration of event sourcing support. Furthermore, we have also built a [...]