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Finally to make this happen we need tools and of course a Mac (well some of us do). So we blog about that as well.


Why should I want that?

I have two sons that I try to raise to become nice boys with a good education while having a lot of fun. In the evening I tell them to take a shower, brush their teeth. During the day I tell them to listen well, be nice to their mother and to each other. Still [...]

First steps with vert.x: creating a WebSocket sample

Some time a go, a colleague of mine (Joris) told me about vert.x. I liked the idea of having something like node.js on the java platform. So I was interested, but I did not spend time on it. Recently I attended the talk of Tim Fox at the Goto conference in Amsterdam. Again I liked [...]

Deployments with Git and Bash on a Mac

I am creating a number of websites based on wordpress. Up till now I was just hacking the server and hoping that a backup was in place. At a certain moment I accidentally broke the .htaccess file. I enabled nice permalinks for an image library and my .htaccess file got overwritten. I wanted to have [...]

A MongoDB based Axon framework event store

For a while we are working on the Axon framework. One of the main components of Axon is the event store. Axon framework has a JPA based event store as well as a file based event store. Within the incubator we have also been working on the MongoDB based event store. In this blog post [...]

Creating an rss feed using the latest features of Hippo

On my employers blog I wrote a piece about a new feature of Hippo called pipelines that can be used to create new content channels. We have created an rss feed using the standard components of Hippo combined with the Rome project. If you are interested you can read the blog post here:


Leaving JTeam joining Dutchworks

In this post I want to share something that just happened to me this week. On monday I started as usual for the past three years or so. At the end of the day I left JTeam behind and started working for Dutchworks. Ok, I am trying to be funny. It most probably is not [...]

Cleaning up artifactory with a groovy script

On my employers blog I wrote an article about cleaning up your local maven repository. It gets polluted with old snapshot artifacts easily. It also leaves a lot of build around if you release regularly. After cleaning up your local copy you start thinking about the repository on the server. Would that also become as [...]

Cleaning up your maven repository with groovy

Ever looked at the space used by your maven repository? Think that this is to much? Start reading the blog post I wrote on my employers blog about a groovy script that you can use to clean your local maven repository. It removes old snapshots stored in your repo as well as old versions of [...]